Suddenly you’re 21 and you’re screaming along in your car to all the songs you used to listen to when you were sad in middle school and everything is different but everything is good

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I was on my way home with a not-so-close friend at around 5:30 PM. When we were on the jeepney (a public transportation here in the Philippines), I suddenly felt that my heart was beating really, really fast and that I was really, really nervous. All my thoughts were racing too fast as if something wrong’s gonna happen. As I look to my left, there’s a man that I kept thinking who was a snatcher or something. I was thinking the same thing to the man sitting to my right and across me. I couldn’t really tell my friend that I was having an anxiety attack because we were not that close. And the stupid traffic was making it worse. I was really desperate to get home fast because I was afraid that something bad might happen if I can’t get home right that very moment. I couldn’t just break down in front of all the people I don’t even know.

But then I remembered the video I’ve watched in the past about anxiety attacks. It was Zoe Sugg talking about her experiences when she was having those attacks and what she was doing to calm herself so I tried to follow her. I just pushed and overpowered all the negative thoughts away and kept thinking that everything’s gonna be alright. I tried thinking all of the happy memories I had, and I thought about my mom. I just breathed deeply repeatedly until my heartbeat was normal again.

I just wanted to share this to you all to let you know that anxiety attacks are no joke. However, even though I’ve never had one in the past until 2 days ago, I have managed to overcome it by just trusting myself, by just doing what I can do at that very moment. In these situations, there’s no one that could really help you but yourself so you have to really, really trust yourself that you can manage how to be ok again.

And thank you to Zoe, because without posting that video about anxiety attacks, I would have never know what I would do. Here’s the link to her video: